Digital Rights Management

“Before owners of premium digital media content will offer their valuable content for sales or promotion, a secure e-commerce system that protects digital content from illegal use is needed. A critical component of any such e-commerce system is Digital Rights Management (DRM).”

What is DRM?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a set of technologies used by content owners to protect their copyright while staying in close contact with their customers. In most instances, a DRM system encrypts digital media content and limit access to only those people who have acquired a proper license to access it. That is, DRM is technology that enables the secure distribution, promotion, and sales of digital media content on the Internet.

Introducing LightStream DRM…

LightStream DRM was developed as an online license management system based on Microsoft’s .NET and Windows Media Technologies. Light Stream DRM allows you to protect Windows Media audio and video easily and deliver it to end user while controlling access and usage.

Benefit and Feature of LightStream DRM

With LightStream DRM, any content owners, from large corporations to individual talent, can quickly and easily offer their assets online while maintain the integrity of their copyrights, no matter how widely circulated their digital material may be. Individual consumers can them enjoy digital media in a convenient legal way.

  • Protects Windows Media stream to mobile devices, PocketPC, set-top-boxes and PCs.
  • Support real-time encryption for live digital media content such as news, sporting events, or concerts.
  • Protects against HTTP capturing and unauthorized streaming requests.
  • Support numerous business models, Pre-Pay, Rental Sales, Subscription, Promotion, or Super Commerce.
  • Speeds up time-to-market and reduces development costs.
  • Highly scalable with easy integration to existing websites.
  • eCommerce ready! Pre-integrated with major payment gateways and processors along with pre-built payment templates and wizards.
  • Real-time reporting.