At Emagine Concept, we specialize in the development of comprehensive streaming media solutions. Whether you are looking for a front-to-back solution or a way to integrate digital media into a web application, Emagine Concept can provide end-to-end solutions for creating compelling web sites. Our services support that specialty: web development, web site hosting, and server co-location.

For more details on our services, please choose from the links below :
  • Digital Rights Management
    A critical component of any such e-commerce system.Before owners of premium digital media content will offer their valuable content for sales or promotion, a secure e-commerce system that protects digital content from illegal use is needed.
  • Dedicated / Managed Servers
    Emagine Concept's e-Business Services are supported by a state-of-the-art operation known as the "Internet Data Center" (IDC).
  • Co-location
    The IDC offers a comprehensive suite of both a standard offering and advanced offering monitoring tools in our Co-location & Managed Services facility.
  • Web Development/Consulting
    we recognize that not every client who comes to us for a streaming media solution is starting off with the perfect web site.