Streaming Media

Streaming media is the future of the web. Let the Internet media professionals at Emagine Concept help your company add high-quality on-demand audio/video, Pay-per-view or live webcasting to your site. Emagine Concept will ensure your streamed audio/video project is a complete success.

Technical Flexibility

Working with Emagine Concept gives you complete control and technical flexibility. Our clients may choose from our proprietary Java Applet or Windows Media at a varying range of Internet connection speeds. You have the option of using a cost-effective shared streaming server environment, or a higher-performance dedicated streaming server available in a wide range of speeds and configurations to meet your capacity.


Emagine Concept can encode a range of media content such as VHS, S-VHS, 8mm, Mini-Disc, Digital Audio Tape (DAT), DVD, VCD, and CD in our in-house encoding studio. Other media may also be supported. Contact Emagine Concept for more information.

Streaming Media Hosting

Nothing stresses servers and networks like streamed media. That is why Emagine Concept delivers streamed audio/video over high-speed connections directly to the Internet backbone. We have designed and built fully redundant high-speed Internet connections, utilizing the latest high-end internetworking equipment. When Emagine Concept hosts your streamed audio/video event, you will get the maximum performance you need to achieve your business goals. Read more about our Web Hosting services.

For More Information

For interest in Live Streaming Media services or our complete web development package, please email Emagine Concept or call 1-877-695-5959 and we will promptly assist you. For other basic Streaming Media services please fill out our free on-line form.